Hi, it's nice to meet you!

I am passionate about user advocacy, accessibility and visual storytelling. I find joy in thorough research, ensuring each design decision is purposeful and well-founded.

I have loved visual arts since I was a child. This naturally progress into a passion for design due to my inquisitive and analytic nature.

A bit of what I love and do in my free time.

Painting & Drawing

I have been painting and drawing as long as I can remember. Lately I've been creating pet portraits!

Check out my paintings →

Serial Craft Hobbyist

I enjoy trying new things and dabbling in new hobbies. I enjoy ceramics, crocheting, sewing, beading, and many more!


My goal is to be more physically inclined but I am fond of badminton, rock climbing (top rope), skiing and figure skating. I did competitive figure skating as a child so I still know a few tricks - if we go skating together it will be a blast!

Saving Cats in Need

During the plague, I found myself at home alone with the time to help some cats in need so I fostered many cats. I now volunteer as a Foster Screener Coordinator and a Graphic Designer at Toronto Cat Rescue.