Hi! Nice to meet you.

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. I am a 2022 graduate from the York/Sheridan Design program (YSDN) with a focus on User Experience design.

My passions are in user advocacy, working to create positive change and personal development. I love doing research and having a reason for every single design decision.

Previously at TOOLBX and currently looking for a full-time position. Feel free to say hi! I’d love to chat.

Picture of Samantha Lam

Things I love and do in my free time.

Arts & Crafts

In my free time, I love to create things with my hands. My favourites are painting, drawing and ceramics. Check out some of the work I’ve made!

Rice Cakes

Any kind of rice cake. It’s food with the perfect texture, sweet or salty. Tell me a more perfect food. I’ll wait.

Cat Fostering

During the plague, I found myself at home alone with the time to help some cats in need. I currently volunteer at  Toronto Cat Rescue.
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Cat named Mitz
Cat named Brownie