An e-marketplace for NFT, where people can buy and sell using cryptocurrency.

Project Type

Freelance UX/UI Design

Product Role

Freelance Product Designer




Company Background

AXIS DeFi is a company dedicated to creating an open decentralized financial (DeFi) system. They are building the first dedicated DeFi superchain with trading capabilities and bridging DeFi asset integrations across blockchains.

Project Brief

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are unique digital collectibles secured with blockchain that are hot on the market right now. AXIS DeFi found that there was a hole in the marketplace for an NFT Marketplace that was mobile responsive, allowed externally produced NFT, the ability to create NFT on the platform, and was powered by a DeFi economy.

I was tasked with designing and researching the marketplace, the buy and sell flow and creating branding.



​​Understanding the User Flow

I was given a document with the features and some wireframe sketches already planned but there were still many pages in the user flow missing. After taking a look at competitors and consulting the co-founder I created a user flow to map out the pages.


After having a full understanding of the user flow, I created desktop and mobile wireframes in Figma.

Branding & User Interface

AXIS DeFi did not have any branding made for GoNFT so I created the branding myself based on the target audience. Their target demographic was mainly male gamers and artists looking to buy collectibles to show off to friends. I designed the website in dark mode taking into account their screen time usage is typically at night or in the dark.

Final Outcome


View new art pieces, filter them and view their description, ownership and history.

Buying an NFT

Using MetaMask to link your wallet, securely purchase your favourite NFTs.

Sell your NFTs

Decide the worth of your NFTs and sell them on the Marketplace.


View cryptocurrency activity and total funds on your account.


Enjoy all of your art in one place and share them with friends!

Mobile Responsive

Browse and take your artwork with you on the go.


It was great working one-on-one with the founder and understanding her vision for the product. I approached this project without knowing any information about NFTs and the process behind buying and selling them using a wallet. My only knowledge in the field beforehand was about cryptocurrency. I learned a lot about streamlining my process and working on a big project on a very tight deadline.